16 Feb 2011

Video shows police attack on the village of Cajas Canchaque

2nd December from Michael Watts on Vimeo.

Video of December 2009 attack by the Police on the village of Cajas Canchaque, located in the North of Peru, where two farmers were shot dead.

Peru is a country loved by the British government. I am very very bitter about former foreign office minister Chris Bryant MP's failure to criticise them.

You know how it works, human rights abuse, allows resources to be stolen.

Of course countries like Venezuela where the police don't shot indigenous people are condemned, if they did kill indigenous like Colombia or Peru they would be praised by Blair, Obama, Cameron and all the rest!

Please watch the video and spread the word.

Spotted this on Alborada, as always essential


Anonymous said...

Also essential reading:



and plenty of food for thought here Mr Wall:


None so blind as those that won't see...

Derek Wall said...

Death squads = human rights!

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