22 Feb 2011

Manchester airport protest verdict!

“Non violent direct action is essential to fight climate change, most politicians take an ostrich position, denying there is a problem or using ineffective methods like carbon trading to tackle it. In the same way that any sober analyst understood that the crazy practices of ‘investment’ bankers would lead to a financial crisis, any sober analyst understands that climate chaos is on its way. Those who direct action to combat this threat are heros, I would like to give my whole hearted support to the Manchester Airport seventeen”

Derek Wall

So proud of everyone involved with the Manchester Airport on Trial Campaign the defendants and the support team - inspiring doesn't even come close to describing them(even the judge was impressed). The verdict happened two days earlier than planned as the trial was going so well I think the Judge/Police and Prosecution were panicking. Two years conditional discharge across the board and £310 pounds costs each. Thanks to everyone who wrote statements of support.

Gayle O'Donovan

For further updates: http://www.manchesterairportontrial.org/

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