21 Feb 2011

Victory! Aaron Porter to stand down

Hapless New Labour politician Aaron Porter has just announced that he will not run again for NUS President.

More like Batista than Che, says Vince my 17 year old son, bitter as he is at Porter's attacks on militant students
Victory is sweet!

Even in defeat Porter is still full of it:

So this new regime brings with it a new landscape, and I believe NUS now needs reinvigorating into the next phase of this campaign. After considerable soul searching, I believe there needs to be a new President to lead the student movement into that next phase. As a result, I’ve resolved not to seek re-election at National Conference this year.


Mobbed by hostile students at recent events in Manchester and Glasgow he had to get police protection.

His close associates have been briefing against him and leaked emails showing that he has not opposed key government attacks on students have been revealled.

No doubt some new Labour stooge will be found but this is a boost to the campaign of the socialist NUS Presidential hopeful Mark Bergfeld.

I am proud to have been part of the campaign opposing Aaron Porter, he joins that band of useless right wingers pretending to be radicals which includes the Irish Green Party.

We shall fight and we shall win!

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Anonymous said...

An early shower for him then Derek...

know wot I mean?, know wot I mean?, wink-wink, nudge nudge...

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