1 Feb 2011

The arrival of Egypt's Hugo Chavez!

Inside the Revolution film screening
Followed by q and a with Director Pablo Navarrete and Derek Wall
02/03/2010 7pm-9pm
Brunei Gallery Room 104 SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG

Rory Carroll and other western media sources are constantly attacking Hugo Chavez.

Guess what, if a leader emerges in Egypt who does not think the country should be Washington's 'bitch' Carroll et al will become obssessed with human rights abuse, etc.

If you actually abuse human rights as a way of keeping control for American interests you won't make it into to the media too much.

How many stories over the last couple of years about state executions, torture and other abuse in Egypt and Tunisia in even the Guardian?

Of course we need to challenge human rights abuse universally. Chavez doesn't always get it right but killer regimes like Colombia and Peru where death squads cleanse indigenous people from the land are praised constantly by the USA and UK.

On thursday, I will be helping to host Pablo Naverette's film 'Inside the Revolution' at SOAS, in 1989 a revolt like the one we see today in Cairo, took place in Caracas. It created a train of events that led to the election of Hugo Chavez.

The old regimes were swept away and eventually every single US backed dictatorship in Latin America collapsed....from Tunisia to Egypt all the US backed dictatorships in the Middle East could collapse.

So come along on thursday and debate the nature of 'revolution' and 21st century socialism....with a revolt against the elites its coming near you!

And hey its not about Chavez or one leader, its about people making change in the face of foreign interference and oppression by murderous elites.

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