5 Feb 2011

Mumia Abu-Jamal 'US outta of Egypt!'

Mumia Abu-Jamal decades on death row in the dungeons of the USA is the man! Socialist, ecosocialist, focussed revolutionary! I cry many tears thinking about Mumia imprisoned and the MOVE people murdered, but I am far sadder that Mumia is for too many an icon and a symbol.

Mumia ain't no icon, he is the poetic realization of the crimes being committed on our planet, Lenin for the 21st century in a couple of hundred words, if you want change and to fight for a future listen to Mumia, spread his message, act on his words.

This is my article for Green Left Weekly on Mumia, MOVE, ecosocialism, revolution....people get ready!

(Ps vid is an earlier Mumia commentary on wikileaks)

The Wikileaks Effect

[col. writ. 1/27/11] (c) '11 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As these words are being scribbled, U.S. 'allies' in the Middle East are trembling.

From the streets of Tunis, to Alexandria, to Cairo, tens of thousands are demanding not only democracy, but an end to their dictatorships --dictatorships, by the way, armed and supported by the U.S. Empire.

What drove these people into the streets were the sickening revelations of the puppetry, corruption and abject servility of their leaders to U.S. and Western interests.

Many of these leaders, who've led for lifetimes, have amassed enormous fortunes while generations of youth pass through their lives jobless, unfulfilled and brutally bullied by the dictator's internal police forces, usually composed of people trained, equipped (or both) by U.S. agencies.

Wikileaks revealed American diplomatic cables reflecting U.S. knowledge of and acquiescence to their puppet states corruption, torture and brutality. They didn't care how cruel nor corrupt these countries were, as long as they served U.S. interests -- i.e., "stability' -- or quiet in the face of U.S., Western or Israeli aggression in the region.

Egypt receives billions of U.S bucks every year, to buttress its dictatorship.

This spate of rebellions in Muslim states is especially important given the recent news that many leaders were privately urging the U.S. to attack Iran, for this shows well that few spoke for their people. They spoke for a narrow, parasitical ruling clique.

If change comes to the region it won't be because of U.S. efforts, but in spite of them.

--(c) '11 maj

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