20 Feb 2011

New evidence that Aaron Porter is on way out as manifesto leaked

Aaron Porter the hapless Blairite President of the NUS has had his re-election manifesto draft leaked.

Clearly even in Mubarak (I mean Porter's) inner circle dissent is growing.

NUS is dominated by career Labour Party politicians of the worst kind and has consistently failed to fight attacks on students.

Sadly some kind of New Labour bureaucrat is still likely to win, this is because students who would obviously kick Porter out don't get the chance to vote for him.

Its decided by delegates and the delagations are usually sewn up by Labour Clubs, I am hoping there will be real resistance to this but the worst kind of Labour (think Phil Woolas and Jack Straw who are both former NUS Presidents) not the Benns, Mcdonnells and Corbyns, tend to dominate.

Oh and while I am a Green Party member, all power to real Labour Party student activists, one day you may throw off the Blairites and when that day comes I will celebrate your resistance.

My good friend Mark Bergfeld is going for NUS President and as a dynamic and professional acitivist he would clearly win a free vote....however this is not going to happen, he still might win though, so if you are student make sure you vote for left candidates for your NUS conference delegations!

The leaking of the manifesto is though a very positive sign, students have inspired, they walk like Egyptians.

Though we thought the rule of the pharoahs would last for ever, King Porter could go the same way as King Tutankhamun.

Actually this is unfair Tutankhamun I am sure would have represented people better than Porter.

Oh you can read the manifesto draft here


Anonymous said...

Is it cos I is a joo?

Derek Wall said...

I think its cos they are all New Labour!

Hey troll how many Arabs you killed today!

Cheeky Chavez said...

Shit Derek,

Its should be it's...

comma after troll...

how many Arabs HAVE you killed...

question mark not an exclamation...

otherwise, carry on.

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