18 Feb 2011

Cardiff University ban Jody McIntyre

I am off to University of London Union for the Equality movement event tonight, which other political meeting gets a 1,000 people planning to go.

The Equality movement is cutting edge, Jody McIntyre and Lowkey's movement for resistance.

Revolutionary hip hop is shaking even our nation.....Jody has been banned from speaking with Chomsky at Cardiff University.

Free speech, democracy....hope I live to see them in the UK but I am going to be an old old man!

Apparently, the problems do not end there. When inviting Professor Chomsky to speak at the university, organisers were informed by the Student Union Manager that the MI5, the MI6 and the police would be contacted to monitor Chomsky’s lecture and its guests. They were also told that if the event was open to the public, security would have to monitor the identities of every single attendee.

Organising events has not always been such a hassle at Cardiff University. When Ron Prosor, Israeli ambassador to the UK, and former commander of the IDF’s artillery division, was invited to speak in April 2010, the university agreed to host the event with no cost to the organisers. How I am bigger ‘security threat’ than a former IDF commander, the same IDF who stand accused by the United Nations of committing “actions amounting to war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity” in Gaza, is beyond me.



Elise said...

It's that wheelchair again - such a security threat! What does Chomsky have to say about all this? Jody could stil go to Cardiff - to Green Party Conference - we're not afraid!

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people who regard themselves as 'principled' are quite willing to spread such rubbish. He was not banned from CU, it is nothing to do with Freedom of Speech, the Uni asked for it to be rearranged to a day other than a Sunday so adequate staffing and security arrangements could be made. But as long as he has another 'cause' to raise his profile that's okay I guess...

John Sinha said...

Whatever happened to free speech in universities? Or is that another casualty of increasing corporate control of our higher education institutions?

Anonymous said...

the joos again Derek

the joos!!!!

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