12 Feb 2011

Ask Lord Browne who will pay for the lost lives?

Colombia Solidarity Campaign London Branch Meeting

7pm Tuesday 15 February *

“BP in Colombia: Browne’s Disgrace”

The Apple Tree pub, 45 Mount Pleasant, WC1 (Russell Square, Farringdon, Kings X or Angel tube)

Students and lecturers rallying against tuition fee increases recommended by Lord Browne should know what we are dealing with. Browne was for nine years chief executive of oil multinational BP and as such he personifies British capitalism.

BP is selling off its Colombia assets, to pay up for the Mexican Gulf damage. But who will pay for the lost lives, for the lost rivers and twenty years of destruction in Casanare? BP’s destroyer of lives in Colombia has turned his attention on youth here, emphasizing the need for international solidarity as the basis of a common front.

plus eye witness report from Colombia, update on workers at El Cerrejon coalmine.

* And on the third Tuesday of each month.

Where are the St Thomas’ disappeared?
Where are our workmates?

Last month 72 workers disappeared from Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals. They were part of the hospitals’ ancillary staff. They are migrants. Where did they disappear to? The economic crisis means their cheap labour is not as useful anymore – at least for the moment. So the UK Border Agency was called in to get rid of them. The NHS trust complied. The workers were either arrested or deported.

The workers who clean the hospital and feed the patients earn around the minimum wage. And due to the UKBA the workers are not even always paid for their hard work. Isn’t this slavery?

As hospital users, as workers, as trade unionists, as migrants’ rights activists we cannot stay silent in the face of this brutality. Exactly when cuts and privatisation are threatening our public health service the exploitation of migrant labour increases. This is an attack on all workers.

We call for solidarity with the disappeared, with all migrants, with all workers, on Friday 18th February 5pm to 7pm outside St Thomas main entrance (Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7EH). Called by the Cleaners Defence Committee, No One Is Illegal, Hands off my Workmate, Latin American Workers’ Association.

E-mail cdclondon@gmail.com for details

Latin Americans Against the Cuts

Sunday 27 February in 'Tiendas del Sur' (Elephant and Castle). Afternoon, time to be confirmed.

More info latin_americanworkers@hotmail.com

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