2 Feb 2011

Wikileaks reveals USA plan to destroy Chavez

Craig Kelly, the U.S. ambassador to Chile, drew up a secret list of strategies to undermine Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president. His memo - dated June 15, 2007 (click here) - was one of a series drawn up by various U.S. embassies in the Southern Cone region.

Kelly summed up his vision as follows: "Know the enemy: We have to better understand how Chavez thinks and what he intends; —Directly engage: We must reassert our presence in the region, and engage broadly, especially with the "non-elites"; —Change the political landscape: We should offer a vision of hope and back it up with adequately-funded programs; —Enhance military relationships: We should continue to strengthen ties to those military leaders in the region who share our concern over Chavez."

Old news but I am guessing not all of you have seen it.

If the dictator in Egypt is replaced by a pro-Palestine President the US will be working to destroy them.

Wikileaks is solid gold if you believe in freedom.

Oh and catch me at the Inside the Revolution event at SOAS tomorrow if you are London based.


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Anonymous said...

Wikileaks recently released this cable and hundreds of others. Check out their website.

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