11 Feb 2011

Egyptians party as dictator Muburak is removed.


After similar events in Latin America, left government swept the board and smashed US control.

We have another world, created by creative people not political parties.


People power needs to move forward and make sure that rule by an elite ends and democracy is created in Egypt.

Remember how British leaders from Blair to Clegg supported the dictator in Egypt.

Just been sent this article Mubarak-has-gone now Mubarakism must go.

But while the overwhelming joy and celebration of the Egyptian people in their victory - echoed by every progressive person throughout the world - is totally justified, the forces that kept Mubarak in power for thirty years are this very minute organising to try to ensure that while the individual dictator is gone his regime continues. That is to maintain a regime that preserves the interests of imperialism and the members of the Egyptian ruling class who serve them, a regime to suppress the aspirations of the people of Egypt, to deprive the people of the Middle East of the benefits of the riches of the region and to support the murderous regime of Israel against the Palestinians.

The US and its allies in the British government have no intention of promoting democracy in Egypt. They supported dictatorship in Egypt for thirty years. Now they know if there are free elections in Egypt not only Mubarak but Mubarakism will be swept from power. So they will do everything to try to prevent democracy in Egypt.



Anonymous said...

Ah, the jews again Derek...

you really, really can't wait, can you?

Derek Wall said...

trolls don't get any better but they stay anon.

Democracy = anti-semitism, I don't think so.

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