12 Feb 2011

Aaron Porter kettled by angry students in Glasgow

Today, Glasgow students visited young Labour conference in order to tell Aaron Porter what a crap job he’s doing as NUS president. Having been sacrificed to us by his Labour bosses so they could clear the door of the clearly terrifying mob, Aaron was kettled by us. Much screaming of “I don’t expect to be filmed!” and “I don’t want to be hit!” followed (nobody was hitting him, and he in fact broke someone’s camera. PROPERTY VANDAL!) until he did a total comedy run away.

He is currently MIA on Glasgow Uni campus, and even Labour can’t find him/aren’t looking for him. His twitter is silent. WHERE ARE YOU AARON PORTER? Stay tuned to porterwatch on twitter!


Muburak has gone, I don't think shifting Aaron Porter will be as easy.

However the election of real student leaders like Clare Solomon at ULU and Dan Cooper at Royal Holloway SU shows that opposition can be built.

Be nice if the NUS could move beyond New Labour though.

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Jess Lam said...

It would be nice if you spell "beyound" you delusional fool. How's the gargantuan balancing act of working at a private school while at the same time being an 'ecosocialist' working out for you?

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