17 Feb 2011

Imagine the EDL coming into a Gurdwara!

The entire EDL mob presents itself as a hooligan mob. Imagine them coming into a gurdwara! They are a very unpleasant lot, who have all the appearances of racists with their intimidating mob chanting, typical of the NF, BNP, etc.

Gurmeet 'Singh' is not a representative of the Sikh community, any Sikh group. Nor does he qualify as a 'Sikh'.

The EDL are as much dangerous a group as are all other sectarian, hate groups - Islamic, Hindu, Jewish, English, German, Russian, American, etc. Yes, they exist in all these population groups, blind to their own wrongs, and projecting an arrogant and hateful self-righteousness.

How many of these EDL minds know, for example, about the Sikh contribution to the defence of Britain?

Sikhi spirit is against EDL as much as it is against Al-Majharoun, the KKK, Russian racists, etc. Sikhs are not supposed to get into bed with one devil, to fight another devil. Sikhs, because of their enduring commitment to a historic, ethical, visible appearance distinct from mainstream clean-shaven society, are regularly taunted as 'bin-laden', 'terrorist', 'rag-head' and sneered at in public venues. Let our lonley suffering makes us strong, as it has done numerous Sikh generations of the past.

jagdeesh singh


Anonymous said...

Carlos Latuff posted some very good anti-EDL cartoons on his twitter account this morning:


Pit Stop said...

Who are the "hooligan mob"?


Rufus said...


The EDL are a disease and do harm to everyone who come into contact with them. Regardless of race or religion, it is our duty to expose them and confront them.

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