13 Feb 2011

Aaron Porter resignation pressure grows

Porter has now admitted that he heard no 'anti-semitic' chants from AWL activists or anyone else during his controversial visit to Manchester, where he had to run away from angry students.

When MULE asked to speak to the NUS official who heard the chants, who is believed to be an aide to Porter, an NUS Press Officer said: “We cannot allow you to speak to the person directly. As there is an ongoing police investigation into the allegations we feel it is not appropriate to discuss it in the press”.
Porter himself also admitted to MULE that he had not himself heard any racial abuse, and that the NUS confirmed the story when journalists contacted them for comment. In a statement through the NUS Press Office he said:
“I was not certain what was said by those shouting abuse at me, however I was informed by others present that amongst other things anti-Semitic comments were made.


The story is worth reading in full, the evidence is that no one other than the Daily Mail reporter heard these chants, 'Tory too' may have been mistaken by this one person for something racist.

Porter was also chased by angry students in Glasgow yesterday. I guess he gets chased most days, so its probably no longer news.

Prominent Labour Party activist Owen Jones has added his voice to those calling for Porter to go, tweeting

A plea to NUS 'moderates'. NUS will never advance aims if Aaron Porter's divisive leadership drags on another year. Please find alternative @OwenJones84

The Egyptians are getting angry and want a real President of the National Union of Students who will stand up for them.

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Thank you for this post. Indeed, we need another green world.

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