7 Feb 2011

Jake Sully used sex to spy!

Most of you know all about this but I thought it would be good to write something for Green Left Weekly on the sex/spying/climate camp story over here....GLW are based in Australia.

In 2009, more than a 100 activists were arrested in a swoop on a community centre in Nottingham in an operation involving hundreds of police.

They were alleged to be planning to close down Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. It was revealed that one of the organisers of the alleged protest, Mark Stone, was an undercover cop who had tipped off the police.

Stone was unveiled after his partner found a passport in his real name of Mark Kennedy. He was confronted by Camp for Climate Action activists and confessed all.

The 40-year-old infiltrated the protest movement in 2000 and spent seven years at its heart. To justify his high spending life style, he told activists he was a former drug dealer who wanted to put something back into society.

In reality he was paid £100,000 a year by the police. Kennedy/Stone played a key role in the British protest movement as a driver and organiser. Ironically he was injured by the police on at least one occasion.


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