5 Feb 2011


New to BBC Children's television its Rastamouse.

How cool is this.

So what is this ding Rastamouse:

Rastamouse is the main character in a mouse gang named "The Easy Crew". He wears a traditional Rasta woolly hat and sports dreadlocks. His supporting cast include the female Scratchy, dressed in a 1950s balloon skirt and ribbon bow on her head and the contemporarily styled male Zoomer. Others include the President Wensley Dale, Banzulu the Cook who has bites out of one ear, and Bagga-T the hip-hop styled mouse who runs the Orphanage, as well as several unnamed orphan mice.
The stories show how people can get on and solve problems in a unique Rastamouse way, usually resulting with those who committed crimes going unpunished if they show remorse and explain why they did what they did, and promise not to do it again.

Rastafarianism has an ethos of Ital food, locally produced, vegan, etc.

I am guessing being a rasta mouse would involve an obvious contradiction as the mice like cheese but may be I am thinking too much.

If you are one of my non UK viewers, hope Rastamouse comes to you soon.

If you are over here its on BBC at 4.40pm over 26 episodes


Anonymous said...

Presumably Rastamouse hates homosexual mice?

Derek Wall said...

Just fuck off you moron and if you are going to make offensive comments use your own name rather than hiding behind anon.

Anonymous said...

Rastafarians are notoriously homophobic, there have been many murders in Jamaica of homosexuals by Rastas. It's another retarded prejudiced fascistic religion. I know you love it because it those lovely coloured folks and your middle class blinkers stop you seeing fascist beliefs and actions when it suits you.

You've done the gays and the jews in recent days Derek, so who's next...?

Anonymous said...

Second thoughts, why is the comment offensive, surely you realise that it has a huge basis in truth?

Derek Wall said...

still hiding!

and trying to stir up hatred, u Aaron Porter!

Dionne said...

Wipe the corners of your mouth 'anon' as there still seems to be a little bit of BULL SH*T around your lips! Oh my my my how im in SHOCK reading 'anon' responses- so small minded ... It amazes me that in this day and age these type of ignorant people are still around!! imagine saying all rastas hate homosexuals and homosexuals in Jamiaca get killed BY Rastas!
To me this a hugeeeeee disrespect and to me you show the same amount of inteligence as the other small minded people that actually dislike homosexuals- by making this judgement you are no better than them 'ANON'. I have members of my family that are both rastas anddd gay oh and BLACK, NOT colored as u have written but BLACK! What is colored??? I am not green when sick, blue when cold, purple when dead or red when hot so I am at a loss as to how 'colored' is the correct tag for a person who has black skin! I could write for daysss but i refuse to let your ignorance set my mood for the day so i'll leave this by saying 'anon' needs to read a few more books and maybe live life abit more fulfillingly so the next time you decide to open your mouth and comment something of actual truth and substance leaves it!

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