9 Feb 2011

Ecosocialist Dan Cooper elected as Royal Holloway SU President

I've heard that Daniel Cooper has won the Royal Holloway students union election. He got my vote, so I really hope it's true, though the results don't seem to be have been published by the union anywhere yet. This is amazing - a real left cnadidate has potentially just won the union election at supposedly one of the least political university's in the country, what a result!

Quote above is from one of my friends who studies at Royal Holloway

Just had this from Dan:

elected as Royal Holloway University Students Union President. Commiserations to the other candidates, you ran great campaigns. Thank you to everyone involved, particularly the extraordinary Grace T. KellyAlexis Alex-AndreAlfred TanCedric Muhire Nicole Zoylinos, Rakib Ehsan, Elliot Dugdale, Craig Gent, Amy Higgins, Fatima Aslam.

Great result, Dan did loads of work for me in the General Election canvassing in Old Windsor, running stalls.

Great guy, he told me he was very inspired by Hugo Blanco, the revolutionary leader and ecosocialist from Peru and indigenous leader.

Great result! May be students will replace Aaron Porter with a real NUS leader!

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Anonymous said...

As a student at Royal Holloway, I can confirm the election result. We're all still getting over the surprise! Royal Holloway has traditionally been a apathetic campus, as noted above, but where there has been political sentiment in the past, it's usually been overwhelmingly conservative. Therefore, the result is an amazing turn. And Dan won by a good margin. Congratulations to him!

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